Greater Portland Ambassadors logoGreater Portland Inc’s (GPI’s) Ambassador Program cultivates a network of regional champions who raise awareness of key regional economic development issues by communicating with, educating and informing stakeholders, policymakers, citizens and the media. 

What Ambassadors Do

GPI Certified Ambassadors are already regional champions. By going through the program, they also become informed leaders. The certification process requires that ambassadors attend at least four events throughout the course of the year that are designated as being certified, and attend three additional certified events for each year that they wish to maintain their certification status. 

Throughout these events emerging leaders learn about regional assets, collective and individual strengths of companies and institutions, successes and challenges in growing the economy and build an overall understanding of how public and private entities work together to strengthen our region. This ensures that GPI’s Ambassadors are educated thought-leaders who understand the intricacies of regional economic issues and our development strategies. 

Certified Ambassadors help to shape the program and are invited to participate in additional GPI events, provide written perspectives and be a go-to advocate on regional economic development.

Who Is Eligible to Become an Ambassador?

GPI investors are invited to participate in the Ambassador Program at no cost. The program is open to employees within a GPI partner company or organization. CEOs and senior leaders are encouraged to designate emerging leaders within their entities to participate. Multiple representatives from the same company may participate in the same events if there is space available.

Benefits of Becoming an Ambassador 

Ambassadors have access to unique experiences such as asset tours, business development forums, welcome receptions and other events; opportunities to network with influencers; and they gain insight into critical issues our region faces.