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Why Invest In GPI?

GPI is the premier regional public-private partnership that unites business leaders and elected officials from across Greater Portland's seven-county region. Together, we promote Greater Portland's collective strengths and cultivate opportunities that grow regional economic prosperity for all. 

Investment in GPI Provides Returns

Organizations that invest in GPI share a strong belief in building a vibrant economy through the recruitment and expansion of businesses and jobs to our region. Cumulatively from 2015-2019, for every $1 invested in GPI, more than $23 of income was generated in the region.

Your investment in GPI is an investment in the entire region’s future. GPI's mission to build a world-class economy in Greater Portland through business recruitment, expansion and quality job growth is one of the most powerful ways to help our region's communities prosper.

GPI helps create business opportunities for your organization by connecting you with supply chain partners, customers and new markets. You'll benefit from increased regional exposure and connections to workforce and talent. You'll also have  welcoming new businesses to the Portland-Vancouver region.

GPI is a strong platform for leveraging your thought leadership and contributing your unique expertise to shape the region’s economic future. Through your investment in GPI, you also have the opportunity to efficiently forge relationships throughout the region with GPI's numerous partners in a variety of sectors, including: business, higher education, workforce development and regional cities, counties, ports and other governmental entities.

Investor Benefits

Investors have the chance to: 
  • Serve as advisors to the GPI staff and Board of Directors 
  • Build relationships with fellow investors
  • Join GPI on outbound sales missions
  • Collaborate on recruitment and retention leads with GPI
  • Host meetings for recruitment prospects and regional CEOs
  • Serve as a resource for businesses who are considering Greater Portland
  • Supplement GPI’s database of regional business leaders
  • Provide examples of regional business innovation and success
  • Coordinate speaking opportunities with target audiences for GPI

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