About Us

Greater Portland Inc (GPI) is a regional partnership helping companies expand and locate to the Portland-Vancouver area. Our region includes seven counties and covers two states.  Leveraging the region’s assets, GPI and its partners work in lockstep to nurture and recruit businesses that bolster the local economy and promote long-term job growth.

Our Mission

Greater Portland Inc helps companies expand and locate to the Portland-Vancouver metro area. Our mission is simple yet bold—in collaboration with local and state partners, Greater Portland Inc will position the region as one of the nation’s most competitive and vibrant metropolitan economies.

Greater Portland Inc gets results

As a public/private partnership, GPI unites forward-thinking leaders in shaping the economic future of our region. Our work positions the region as a global center for high-quality economic growth.

Greater Portland Inc 2015 Work Plan

This January, the GPI Board of Directors approved our 2015 Work Plan. Our work will focus on three actions: scale, support and align. Read the Greater Portland Inc 2015 Work Plan to learn more.

Contact Us

By email: or by phone: (503) 445-8065.

Read the Greater Portland Inc blog here.

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