Greater Portland Inc (GPI) offers no-cost, confidential services to business executives and site consultants searching for a location in Greater Portland. Greater Portland is home to global powerhouses, innovative startups and research centers. To assist companies of all sizes in their search for a new location, we offer the following assistance. 


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Our Services

Project Management

Our team is available to provide hands-on assistance during the project management phase. This could include assisting with the permitting process, obtaining incentives, etc.

Connectivity to the Private Sector

GPI has more than 90 investors and has deep connections within the regional business community. Our team can facilitate connections that accelerate growth.

Access to Workforce

Greater Portland is attracting top talent from throughout the world. We make it easier to access that talent through workforce programs and partnerships.

Data Research and Analysis

Our team of experts can gather and help interpret the data businesses need to make informed site location decisions. In addition to free, customized data, our Research Center offers interactive mapping tools and a directory of available sites, as well as workforce, education, demographic and employment data for the region and individual communities.

Real Estate Connectivity

Site consultants searching for a particular piece of property are encouraged to contact our team. In addition to having deep connections within the real estate community, we may be aware of sites that could be for sale but are not on the open market.

Securing Incentives

Financial incentives are available for qualifying companies. These incentives are often based on industry type, job and tax creation, along with the location. Our team is well versed in the incentives process and can help companies to identify and apply for incentives for their project.

Market Visits

GPI conducts market visits and can facilitate tours and information gathering sessions.

Connectivity to Key Stakeholders

We connect businesses with key stakeholders such as city and county departments that are central to projects, the university system that can assist with research and/or workforce development, and to private sector businesses.