Greater Portland residents enjoy active, unique and fulfilling lifestyles. With year-round access to incredible outdoor activities, from paddleboarding on the Willamette River to hiking Mt. Hood, and a renowned culinary and cultural scene, from snacking at food carts to cheering on the Trail Blazers, living in Portland ensures that every day is a little different. Making exciting big-city amenities, such as access to world-class educational institutions, a future-proof job market and West Coast affordability just the cherry on top.

It's unsurprising that the Greater Portland area is such an attractive location for businesses and talent alike.


What is it like to live in Portland, Oregon?

Pros of Living in Greater Portland

The Greater Portland region spans beyond the Portland metro area, crossing two state lines, Oregon and Washington, and seven counties. From main-street small towns like St. Johns to walkable major cities like Tualatin, each Greater Portland neighborhood has its own unique characteristics. 

While Greater Portland’s median home value ($606.3K) is above the national average, the region is still remarkably more affordable than other major American cities on the West Coast. According to the National Association of Realtors, the average housing cost in Greater Portland is nearly $130K less than Seattle and $540K less than San Francisco.

From modern condos in downtown Portland to houseboat communities on the Columbia River in Vancouver, WA, and from suburban homes in Beaverton to waterfront properties in Lake Oswego, Greater Portland’s housing market offers an incredible range of real estate and lifestyle opportunities. 

Navigating Greater Portland is a breeze, thanks to its robust public transportation system. The region’s convenient light rail and extensive bike lanes elevate the art of dodging rush hour to a new level. For journeys beyond the Oregon Coast and Pacific Northwest (PNW), Portland International Airport (PDX) provides seamless access to destinations across America and around the globe.

Living in Greater Portland also ensures immense personal and professional growth. In the City of Portland and beyond, diverse job opportunities span eight key industries, from climate tech to semiconductors

Whether you’re looking to level up your business or life, you can do it in Greater Portland.