Greater Portland has attracted international companies looking for a strategic U.S. presence, such as Adidas, along with U.S.-based companies that are exporting goods throughout the world. Our talent and infrastructure support their growth, and there’s room for expansion. The Port of Portland, for example, ranks #1 on the U.S. West Coast for auto exports.  A new terminal is allowing for even more import/export activity.

Global Trade and Investment Plan for Greater Portland

Greater Portland is one of only 14 U.S. metros with a dedicated focus on global trade and investment. Greater Portland Global, a part of Greater Portland 2020, the region's comprehensive economic development strategy, recognizes the region's rich history of local innovation, exports, global excellence, and foreign direct investment as a strong foundation that can propel small, innovative entrepreneurs and domestically focused companies along a continuum to become companies with global presence.

Trade and Investment Plan