Greater Portland Inc (GPI) is the only regional public-private partnership dedicated to creating and expanding jobs and driving tangible regional prosperity. The organization spans two states and seven counties, and is supported by public-sector partners, private investors and philanthropic groups. GPI investors are central to our core initiatives, contributing financial resources, time and vital expertise to help attract and grow companies, attract and retain talent and add quality jobs in Greater Portland.

Why Invest in Greater Portland Inc?

Our work to add jobs and income to the regional economy spurs capital investment and new business formation while growing the tax base. In addition to the services we offer companies looking to relocate or expand here, we are embarking on the following initiatives.

Our 2023-26 Initiatives

1. Regional Promotion

GPI will work to positively impact regional economic growth and better position our region to attract world-class business and talent.

2. Regional Coordination

GPI will advance regional economic development collaboration and support business climate issues that improve the economic outcomes of the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area. This includes strategically engaging the public and advancing the Greater Portland Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, which lays out long-term strategies that foster equitable and resilient growth.

Economic Impact

The successful implementation of these initiatives will result in the following tangible and intangible benefits to the Greater Portland region:

  • Regional economic growth
  • New capital investment
  • New businesses and expanded existing businesses
  • New jobs in target industries; these “direct” jobs will result in additional “indirect” (supplier-type) and “induced” (service sector) jobs
  • Substantial payroll associated with direct, indirect and induced jobs
  • New disposable personal income to be spent in the region
  • New sales and property tax revenue; increased tax base to meet community development goals
  • More local, national and international talent to help meet workforce needs and fuel innovation
  • Increased awareness of Greater Portland as a place for business to thrive
  • Improved quality of life for residents and workers throughout the region

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