The Greater Portland Economic Development District (GPEDD) has created an action-focused, outcome-oriented Regional Economic Recovery Plan framework to help our region recover from the unprecedented impacts COVID-19 is having on our region’s businesses, workers, and families, especially in communities of color.

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GPEDD’s Board of Directors, more than 40 additional advisors from across the region, a team of consultants, as well as staff from Greater Portland Inc and Metro worked to develop this plan from July to October 2020. This is a short-term, adaptable plan of 3 to 24 months focused on immediate action that will help to leverage resources, establish a strong unified voice in aligning efforts, and provide accountability during implementation.

The plan applies to the federally-designated economic development district, which encompasses Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties in Oregon and Clark County in Washington.

The plan identifies three target impact areas to combat recessionary forces, address key inequities and prepare the region for recovery:

  • Help small businesses recover and grow
  • Advance economic mobility for individuals
  • Support families and children

Each target impact area contains a number of priorities, with specific recommended actions tied to each priority. The recovery plan identifies 47 actions in all, and identifies steps to begin implementation:

  1. Convene an Implementation Task Force to help lead organizations turn recommended actions into reality and identify lead organizations for those actions still needing one
  2. Convene a federal policy group to align efforts and secure resources for implementation
  3. Identify and catalog existing and related recovery efforts already underway across the region
  4. Identify immediate opportunities where the private sector can provide resources for proposed actions

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This plan was developed and implemented in partnership with Metro and a team of consultants led by Bridge Economic Development: