Study: Oregon's athletic, outdoor, team and recreation ecosystem generates $29 billion per year

Study: Oregon's athletic, outdoor, team and recreation ecosystem generates $29 billion per year Main Photo

30 Jun 2022

Portland Business Alliance and Coalition Partners Unveil the Largest Economic Study of Its Kind in the State

The new report showcases how Oregon is winning nationally in the Athletic, Outdoor, Team and Recreation Ecosystem.

Vanessa Briseño 
Senior Director, Strategic Communications, Portland Business Alliance or call (503) 224-8684?

The Portland Business Alliance, in partnership with a coalition of regional and statewide business associations, is pleased to announce the release of “Oregon: The State of Sport,” a new economic study that highlights Oregon’s competitive advantage and the economic power that the Athletic, Outdoor, Team and Recreation Ecosystem generates for the state.

“This is the first time we’re able to quantify something we’ve all felt to be true: Oregon is the definitive business leader and a regional economic force in the Athletic, Outdoor, Team and Recreation industries,” said Andrew Hoan, President and CEO of the Portland Business Alliance. “It’s inspiring to get a deeper look at the Ecosystem and our distinguishing characteristics, like exceptional industry-trained talent and education programs, that support and allow for these industries to develop, grow, and thrive here.”

“For the last 30 years, the Greater Portland market has been the top choice for apparel and outdoor companies serious about growth and innovation,” said Monique Claiborne, President and CEO of Greater Portland Inc. “If we want to continue to be on top, we must invest in this Ecosystem. This report shows us what we have to gain: more jobs and dollars for our local economies. I look forward to working with both public and private sector leaders to create more opportunities for this industry.”

Conducted by the world-renowned industry-leading real estate and economic development consulting firm HR&A Advisors, the “Oregon: The State of Sport” economic report marks the most robust analysis to date of Oregon’s Athletic, Outdoor, Team and Recreation Ecosystem—defined as including sports and apparel companies as well as internationally known professional sport franchises, sporting-related events, recreation and tourism activities. The study examines Greater Portland, Bend, and Eugene’s unique environment for sports innovation and growth.

“We were thrilled to collaborate with the Portland Business Alliance and a wide array of regional stakeholders to develop the ‘Oregon: The State of Sport’ report,” said Kate Collignon, Partner at HR&A Advisors. “HR&A’s comprehensive economic analysis, coupled with extensive stakeholder input, affirms the tremendous impact of the Athletic, Outdoor, Team, and Recreation industries across Greater Portland and Oregon. State and regional partners have a distinct opportunity to leverage a unique value proposition to attract and sustain world-class talent within this booming hub of activity.”


  • Oregon is home to 51,000 jobs and 3,100 businesses in the Athletic, Outdoor, Team and Recreation Ecosystem marked by the Study Area. 
  • For every one job in the Ecosystem, an additional 1.55 jobs are created in the economy, supporting a total of 130,000 jobs, or 9% of jobs in Greater Portland. 
  • The Ecosystem supports $29 billion per year in economic output, including both direct and spinoff economic impacts.
  • Oregon’s Athletic, Outdoor, Team and Recreation Ecosystem supports entrepreneurs and small businesses: 83% of related businesses in the Greater Portland area have 20 employees or less. 
  • The Greater Portland area outpaces other West Coast cities (Seattle, Denver and Salt Lake City) in the overall number of jobs, job growth and the diversity of roles—many of which are high-paying and high-skilled. 
  • The most valued asset in Oregon’s Athletic, Outdoor, Team and Recreation industries is unparalleled industry-trained talent—the ability to import top talent, recruit local talent thanks to the healthy ecosystem of sport, and cultivate a strong pipeline of talent from established programs and education. 

“When we think of a ?healthy, prosperous, and competitive Oregon that improves lives today and into the future, Oregon’s Athletic, Outdoor, Team and Recreation Ecosystem is unquestionably a part of the story,” said Angela Wilhelms, President & CEO of Oregon Business & Industry. “The contributions companies small and large in this Ecosystem have made are extraordinary, and we must continue to leverage this strength and use findings from this study to propel our entire state forward.”

“There’s never been a more exciting or important time to celebrate the business of sport and recreation of all kinds across Oregon. This study further affirms our efforts to support existing sports teams—both professional and college—and to attract new teams, events, and businesses that add economic value and jobs to our region and the state. Ultimately these efforts will result in a greater quality of life for Oregonians and tourists,” added Jim Etzel, CEO at Sport Oregon

The “Oregon: The State of Sport” economic report will be unveiled today at the Portland Business Alliance’s Annual Meeting, presented by U.S. Bank, which is committed to investing in the future of our communities.

“It's an exciting time for Oregon. We see legacy industries continue to thrive and emerging industries gaining a strong foothold across the region. Our state has long been the birthplace of many companies in the Athletic, Outdoor, Team and Recreation sectors, growing their own and drawing creative talent from around the world to build and expand the segment,” said Stacey Dodson, Oregon and Southwest Washington Market Executive at U.S. Bank. “Industries like this create jobs, support our vital small business community, and attract those who have a passion for the Oregon lifestyle.”

The full report is available at We encourage you to review and celebrate the findings by using the hashtag #ORStateofSport.


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